10 Aesthetic Stickers Reviewed: The Ultimate List

Discover some of the most aesthetic stickers out there in this guide!

If you’re looking for aesthetic stickers, then you’ve come to the right place! In this guide, we’re going to take a look at the most aesthetic stickers we’ve found so far, including beautiful pastel stickers, space-themed stickers and so many more. There will be stickers to suit every aesthetic, so make sure to browse the list and see if any interest you!

These stickers are incredibly versatile overall, you can make use of them in so many different ways, from decorating notebooks to journals and even laptops too!

10 Aesthetic Stickers To Check Out

1. Pastel Moons

If you’re a fan of pastel colours, you might like these moon stickers, featuring gorgeous pastel shades of pink and light blue. These gentle, pastel shades are incredibly aesthetic overall and you get two sheets of each, so that’s four stickers of each color!

You also get a classic sheet, which features beautiful moons on a classic dark background.

Three sticker sheets, each with two moons. The first shows pink pastel moons, the second has light blue moons on a light blue background, and the third has moons on a black background

Available: on Etsy

2. Aesthetic Journal Stickers

This fantastic set of 50 sheets comprises a series of beautiful stickers that are wonderfully aesthetic . From balloons to gradient swirls and dazzling constellations, the variety of stickers here is fantastic.

I absolutely adore the great choice of stickers provided in this box, with 50 sheets per set! These would add an incredibly aesthetic touch to any bullet journal layout.

Available: on Etsy

3. Moons and Planets

This gorgeous moon and planet sticker set is perfect for anyone who wants some celestial themed stickers. This set contains a fantastic array of planets, moons and even has some pastel, evening sky stickers too! These super cute stickers would look great in space-themed layouts, or as envelope seals too.

You get 45 pieces in each set, so there’s a fantastic array to choose from overall!

Available: on Etsy

Moon and planet stickers, along with their packaging

4. Vintage Fashion Stickers

These stunning stickers feature an assortment of chic and vintage designs, perfect for journaling, scrapbooking and decorating!

I absolutely adore the variety in this set, there are so many designs to choose from and make use of. These would look amazing in vintage bullet journal themes, wall collages and so much more! They’re among some of my favourite stickers in this review, without any doubt!

Available: on Etsy (Option: Literary Drawing)

If you’re buying from the link above, the option to choose in the dropdown box is “Literary Drawing”, which corresponds to the stickers above.

5. Planet Stickers

This gorgeous moon and planet sticker set is perfect for anyone who wants some celestial-themed stickers. From swirling galaxies to pastel planets and everything-in-between, there’s a huge variety of beautiful space stickers here. They’re incredibly cute and aesthetic, I must say! They’d go well with pastel bullet journal layouts or space-themed journals too!

Available: on Etsy

6. Moons

These amazing moons would make a fantastic addition to bullet journals or notebooks! For a beautiful, celestial touch to any bullet journal layout, envelope or notebook, I’d definitely recommend adding some of these stickers!

I adore the variety of stickers provided in this pack, and you get so many too!

Various moon stickers, containing phases of the moon

You’ll get a variety of moon phases per pack, including waxing moon phases and waning moon phases. I absolutely loved the variety provided, making for more overall choice when bullet journaling and creating celestial themes!

Moon stickers stacked over one another, along with a box containing a moon design

Available: on Amazon

7. Vintage Space Stamp Stickers

These stamp stickers showcase a beautiful array of vintage space designs, including shooting stars, planets, and vintage moon designs too! The quality of the stickers is fantastic overall.

If you’re a fan of the vintage space aesthetic, I’d definitely recommend these! They’d work well with kraft paper, black out journals, and space-themed layouts too. Or you could incorporate these into a wall collage also.

Available: on Etsy

8. Flower Stickers

The image below might look like a washi tape, but it actually consists of individual flower stickers, which you can peel off to incorporate into your decorating.

You get a huge variety of stickers, and they come in a dazzling array of gorgeous shades, including magenta, cosmic purples and azure blues too.

These flower stickers would be absolutely perfect for decorating bullet journal layouts, especially if you’re looking to recreate a floral theme, or want to create a Spring/Summer-inspired theme too!

Flowers on a plastic cylinder

You could also use these stickers as envelope seals also, by placing a flower on a sealed envelope flap too! It’s a cool way to decorate envelopes and is a nice touch overall!

Available: on Etsy

9. Vintage Labels

These vintage labels are perfect for envelopes, decorating containers and so much more! They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so there’s a great choice overall. I’d definitely recommend these if you’d like to incorporate a vintage aesthetic to your journaling or when sending letters, so make sure to take a look at these if you’re interested!

Available: on Etsy (Option 6)

10. Purple Aesthetic Stickers

These purple aesthetic stickers provide a fantastic selection of beautiful stickers, consisting of beautiful violet skies, purple-tinted clouds, and so much more. These stickers are made of PVC, so they’re of great quality and have slight transparency also.

These would look amazing in a purple-themed bullet journal, and are fantastic for anyone who’s a fan of the purple aesthetic in general, myself included!

Available: on Etsy (Option 5)

Hopefully you’ve found some aesthetic stickers!

Thanks so much for reading, I hope that you’ve found this article useful and found some aesthetic stickers to take a look at! I’d definitely recommend taking a look at the ones you’re interested in, and maybe bookmarking them for later! Also, if you’d like to hear about the latest giveaways, make sure to subscribe to our weekly newsletter!

These stickers are fantastic for decorating journals, scrapbooks and are great for creating wall collages too!

Do you have other aesthetic stickers to recommend? Make sure to drop your favourites in the comments below, as I’m always on the lookout for cute stickers to review!

Thanks again!  

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