10 Cute Washi Tapes Reviewed: The Ultimate List

Cute Washi Tapes: The Ultimate List

If you’re looking for cute washi tapes, then you’ve come to the right place! In this guide, we’re going to take a look at some of the most aesthetic washi tapes out there, including space-themed tapes, plus pastel sets and floral tapes too!

There’s sure to be a design here that’ll match your desired aesthetic, so be sure to take a look through this list.

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Let’s get started!

Blue Floral Tape

This floral washi tape features gorgeous blue flowers on a turquoise background, making for such a beautiful tape overall!

This tape also has a glittering effect, which is truly amazing to look at when you shine this tape against the light! It gives the tape a pearlescent, ethereal quality overall.

Blue floral washi tape

I’d really recommend this tape if you’re a fan of floral tapes, or love the blue aesthetic! This tape has been quite popular on Pinterest lately, with many re-pinning this image, so it’s quite a sign of its popularity. Make sure to get one while you can, as it’s such an aesthetic washi tape!

Washi tape with blue floral design

Available: on Etsy

Holographic Tape

This silver holographic tape features a beautiful shimmering effect. The tape peels off so easily and is such high quality overall!

This tape’s luminescent quality is nothing short of stunning, and would make the perfect addition to envelope seals or journal decorations. It would look amazing in black-out journals too! I absolutely love its shimmering quality, and this tape is definitely one of my favourites out there.

Holographic, silver tape

Available: on Etsy


This glorious washi tape features lemons, perfect for the summer months! If you’re looking for a summer-themed washi tape, or just want to add a fun twist to your bullet journal, I’d really recommend this beautiful tape!

It would be perfect for bullet journal borders, and is one of my favourite washi tapes! It’s such great quality too, and lasts quite some time, making it perfect for reuse also.

The lemon illustrations on this tape are just gorgeous and would add a decorative, refreshing twist to journals!

Available: on Etsy

Mountains at Night Tape

This gorgeous washi tape features a dazzling night sky above a purple mountainscape. I absolutely adore this tape for its ethereal beauty, and is definitely one of my favourites in this list!

The tape also has stunning, metallic highlights; these silvery effects really make this tape stand out.

If you’re a fan of the night sky, purple aesthetic or nature washi tapes, I’d certainly recommend this tape for your collection, as it’s such a cute washi tape overall!

Washi tape with purple mountains and a night sky, containing moons and stars

Available: on Amazon

Floral Washi Tape

This floral washi tape would make the most beautiful tape for sealing envelopes! Featuring bright pansies in an array of gorgeous colours, this tape is perfect for those who’re looking for a new floral washi tape.

I simply adore the pastel colours of the flowers, especially the pastel purple and pink tones!

This is a beautiful tape that celebrates the beauty of spring and summer!

Available: on Etsy

Pink Floral Tape

This pink floral tape features beautiful cherry blossoms in a variety of designs, and is an incredibly cute washi tape overall!

It would be a beautiful tape to seal envelopes, or a cute touch to your bullet journal! If you also wish to celebrate the beauty of summer, then this would be the perfect tape, since it features cherry blossoms, which are known for blooming during the month of May!

I’d recommend this tape for anyone who loves floral tapes; this would make a fantastic addition to any collection!

Pink washi tape with cherry blossoms

Gold Roses

This beautiful washi tape contains metallic roses in a golden color. The roses have an almost vintage, gothic quality about them and would work beautifully with floral bullet journal themes.

The gold rose pattern is overlayed onto a gorgeous background comprising of dusty pinks, mauves and lilac tones. I’d really recommend this if you’re a fan of floral washi tapes, since this would make a fantastic addition overall!

Washi tape with a gold rose design

Available: on Etsy

Pastel Set

These stunning pastel tapes feature three washi tapes with a luminescent quality to them. The first is a pastel pink tape, which ever so subtly merges with a bright, yellow gradient. It’s a wonderfully ethereal tape, perfect for envelope sealing or pastel bullet journal themes!

The second is a gorgeous polka dot washi tape with pink polka dots. It’s a beautiful washi tape overall, and its geometric pattern would look great for envelope seals and bullet journals!

The 3rd is a pastel blue washi with a beautiful paint swirl effect, as the delicate shades of blue swirl with the surrounding colour. It looks simply amazing and would pair beautifully with the polka dot tape too! Similar to the other tapes in this set, this also has a pearlescent quality to it, which is quite a beautiful effect!

Three pastel tapes, one tape with a gradient, the second with pink polka dots, and the third with a blue swirl effect

Available: on Etsy

Hopefully you’ve found some cute washi tapes!

Thank you so much for reading, I hope that you’ve found some super cute washi tapes in this guide! For even more washi tapes, I’d also recommend this article I’ve written on aesthetic washi tapes, which features 10 more beautiful washi tapes for you to take a look at!

The cute tapes shown above are incredibly versatile, and can be used in so many different ways, from decorating bullet journals, notebooks and so much more. From floral designs to holographic tapes, this list has taken a look at a variety of cute washi tapes, so hopefully you’ve found some great tapes to check out! If you’d like to combine these tapes with stickers too, I’ve also written an article on aesthetic stickers also!

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