5 Best Moon Stickers Reviewed: The Ultimate List

Discover the best moon stickers out there in this ultimate list!

If you’re looking for moon stickers, then you’ve come to the right place! In this guide, we’re going to be taking a look at the best moon stickers out there, perfect for decorating your notebooks, letters and notebook covers, plus anywhere else you decide to use them!

These stickers are available on Amazon and Etsy, and links to each product are also included!

Let’s get started!

1. Phases of the Moon

These stickers are fantastic for decorating bullet journals, creating celestial themes and so much more!

They also make great envelope seals, so you could add a moon sticker over the flap of a sealed envelope for a beautiful touch!

Moon stickers with different phases of the moon

You’ll get different phases of the moon too, so there’s some great variety too, including a full moon phase, waning moon phases and waxing moon phases.

What I love about this set is the sheer quantity of stickers you get in just one pack, giving you the option to use plenty of these anywhere you like! These could also be great bullet journal stickers too!

Moon stickers stacked over one another, along with a box containing a moon design

Available on: Amazon

2. Moon and Planet Stickers

These planet and moon stickers comprise a variety of cool planets, making for a fantastic assortment overall. From pastel stickers to celestial, planetary stickers, there’s a huge variety of stickers available in this set. No matter which aesthetic you’re hoping to incorporate into your journaling, there are stickers here to suit every aesthetic, including the pastel aesthetic, for instance.

I absolutely adore the great variety in this set, and with 46 pieces, there’s so many to make use of here, so I’d definitely recommend these if you’re a fan of celestial stickers or want to add a unique twist to your journal!

These incredibly aesthetic stickers would be fantastic for envelope seals too, or to add a celestial touch to your journaling or scrapbooking.

Moon and planet stickers, along with their packaging

Available: on Amazon

3. Vintage Stamp Stickers

These vintage space stickers are perfect for those who want to add a more vintage, retro feel to their bullet journal or envelopes. You could use these to create celestial themes, or for space-themed bullet journaling too! What I adore about these stickers it that you get plenty of variety overall, and there are so many different stickers in this pack. Some of my favourites include vintage stamps with planets, as well as those with meteors and shooting stars! The stamps with phases of the moon are also beautiful too!

These stamps are of great quality, and they have a durable feel to them.

These would go well with kraft paper, beige paper and other vintage crafting materials!

These would make fantastic bullet journal stickers also!

Available: on Amazon here

4. Pastel Moon Stickers

These incredibly aesthetic stickers come in shades of pastel pink, light blue and a classic version too with a cool, black background. I absolutely adore the variety provided here; these have a very ethereal quality to them, and would look amazing in pink or celestial themed bullet journal layouts! I’d really recommend these for their high quality too.

I find the pastel shades to be incredibly aesthetic overall, and absolutely adore the midnight black sheet too for its beautiful quality. If you’d like to see more aesthetic stickers, make sure to check out my other post on aesthetic stickers.

You’ll get 6 sheets overall, with two sheets of pink, two of light blue and two of the classic option with a black background.

Three sticker sheets, each with two moons. The first shows pink pastel moons, the second has light blue moons on a light blue background, and the third has moons on a black background

Available: on Etsy here

5. Metallic Moons and Planets

This sticker sheet features an array of gorgeous, metallic stickers with crescent moons, planets and constellations.

In this sticker sheet, you also get tape stickers too, so that you can add some tape stickers to your bullet journal or its borders for instance. They’re also great for sealing polaroid pictures to walls or for adding a cute addition to photos in scrapbooks.

The stickers have a silvery, metallic effect also, which looks pretty damn cool, I must say! These are great for adding a unique twist to bullet journal pages, and for those who love metallic stickers, I’d definitely recommend these for sure!

Other stickers in this sheet include a swirling galaxy tape sticker, constellation stickers and planetary ones also! There’s a fantastic array in this sheet, so I’d definitely recommend it for anyone who loves space-themed stationery in general!

Available: on Etsy here.

Moon Sticker Inspiration

There are so many ways to use these, here’s some inspiration for you!

Bullet journal celestial themes: Why not create a celestial theme for your bullet journal using some of the stickers shown above? They could also look great with star doodles and some metallic washi tape, or you could add them to a black out journal for a cool effect!

Envelope seals: These would look beautiful on envelopes, so I’d definitely recommend you add some and see! You can also add a single moon over the flap of a sealed envelope and add some sparkle doodles over it for a beautiful finish!

Decorating Notebooks: If you’d like to add a celestial touch to the cover of your notebook, you could add some moon stickers to it for a glorious effect!

Hopefully you’ve found some great moon stickers!

Thanks so much for reading, hopefully you’ve found some great stickers in this guide! I’ve always been a huge fan of celestial-themed stationery, and these have been personal favourites of mine for quite some time now. They’ve also proven to be incredibly versatile; whether you want to use these for bullet journaling, scrapbooking or decorating, these will look great pretty much anywhere! If you’d like to combine these with washi tape, I’d also recommend taking a look at my guide to some of the most aesthetic washi tapes out there.

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What are your favourite sticker sets shown here? I’d love to read your comments, so do make sure to drop one below! If you also have other sticker sets that you’d like me to check out, make sure to add a comment below too.

Thanks so much for reading!