10 Aesthetic Washi Tapes Reviewed: The Ultimate List

Discover ten of the most aesthetic washi tapes out there, including cute night sky tapes, and more!

If you’re looking for aesthetic washi tapes, you’ve come to the right place! In this guide, we’re going to take a look at the some of the cutest and most aesthetic washi tapes out there. From floral patterns to holographic tapes and everything-in-between, there’ll be a huge variety overall to suit every washi tape aesthetic.

These are all available in 2021, so make sure to take a look below and see if any pique your interest.

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Phases of the Moon Tape

Washi tape with phases of the moon

This moon tape is simply one of my favourite tapes! With a rose pink and mauve background, and with beautiful holographic moons, this tape is nothing short of stunning.  

I could write about the holographic effect all day! Even the constellations and stars have this effect, and shining the tape against the light is mesmerizing! The tape is incredibly high quality, and sticks so well making for excellent re-use too.

Wonderfully ethereal, beautiful, this holographic tape will be a favourite of mine for years to come.

Link: Available at Busy Bee Planner Studio

Crescent Moons

This holographic tape has little crescent moons adorning it, all on a beautiful, evening gradient. It reminds me of that moment when the sun has set, and the moon is just beginning to shine.

Keep in mind that this is a slim washi tape, so it’s perfect for bullet journal borders or subtle, decorate touches.

Washi tape with a gradient design containing crescent moons

Again the tape is of very high quality, leading to great future re-use and it comes in a 10m roll so it’ll last quite a long time! If you’re a fan of these and want more space-themed stationery, I’d recommend this article on moon stickers also!

A variety of washi tape samples, including a crescent moon washi tape, with moons on a gradient background, a mountain washi tape sample and a constellations sample

Available at: Busy Bee Planner Studio on Etsy

Holographic Stars

A holographic washi tape, with stars of varying sizes

This silver holographic tape also features a beautiful shimmering effect.

The tape peels off so easily and smoothly, and it’s of incredible quality overall. The tape roll is quite thick, so you’ll get immense use out of this! It’s one of the most aesthetic washi tapes out there, I must say!

This tape’s luminescent sheen is so beautiful and would make the perfect addition to envelope seals or journal decorations. It would look amazing in black-out journals too!

Available at: Busy Bee Planner Studio on Etsy

Floral Seals

These floral seals are perfect as stickers or for sealing envelopes. With many different flowers, there’s a great overall variety to choose from! It includes bright sunflowers and so many more.

What I love about the sticker seals is that they can be re-used over and over again, since they leave virtually no residue and are created for re-use. For example if I wanted to apply some to my notebook, I could do so, and then move them in different locations if needed!

Floral seals in a variety of colors

The variety of colours available is simply phenomenal from bright pinks and oranges to glorious blues. I simply adore the amazing variety!

Available at: Busy Bee Planner Studio on Etsy

Blue Flowers

Washi tape with blue flowers

This tape’s ethereal quality is simply magnificent. With inky blue flowers adorning this tape, it also comes in a glittering finish too, which subtly sparkles in the light. I absolutely adore this finish overall, it adds such a radiant quality to the tape and captures its ethereal beauty.

It would make a beautiful tape for card-making, envelope sealing, or for adding borders to your bullet journals. Anyone who loves the blue aesthetic should make this a staple for their desk too!

Available at: Callaby Crafts on Etsy

Pink Floral Tape

Washi tape with pink cherry blossoms and flowers adorning it

This tape is a real treat for anyone who loves floral washi tapes, especially pink-themed ones! With beautiful artwork of glorious cherry blossoms, this tape has to be a one of a kind! It also comes with a shimmering, glittery finish leading to a luminescent, glittering effect when you move it in different directions or against the light.

It would make a beautiful tape for sealing envelopes or for adding borders to May bullet journals. I adore everything about this tape from its delicate pink background to its pastel shades.

It peels off so easily and you get 10m per roll so it’ll last you quite some time!

Available at: TheILovelyIFactory on Etsy

Holographic Night Sky

Washi tape with purple mountains and a night sky, containing moons and stars

A stunning washi tape here featuring mountainscapes and a gorgeous night sky. This purple-themed washi tape has a delicate lilac background/sky decorated with little stars and crescent moons. These fine touches of detail really make this a standout tape overall!

The mountains are also accented by silvery tones with a gorgeous holographic effect too. It’s simply one of my favourite tapes out there!

Link: Available at CallabyCrafts

Bentoto House Pastel Tapes

Three pastel washi tapes, the first is a pale blue washi tape, the next features triangles in pastel colors and the third features a rainbow gradient

These gorgeous tapes from Bentoto House feature beautiful pastel designs in dusty pinks and gentle blues. I’d highly recommend these if you’re a fan of pastel tapes or the pastel aesthetic in general!

With 3 gorgeous tapes to choose from, this pack includes 3 beautiful tapes in pastel tones. The first comes in a subtle blue tone, which is reminiscent of the sky. It would look beautiful with cloud stickers or summer-themed bullet journals! The shade of blue is stunning overall since it reminds me so much of the sky and the summer whenever I use it!

The 2nd tape has a shimmering triangle design with pastel triangles merging into a beautiful, pastel design. The shimmering effect is subtle, and just suits the design so well. It’s such a magical touch, especially against the light.

The 3rd is an ethereal tape, with a magical, prism-like gradient design, showcasing lovely pastels merging into an intricate, overall gradient.

All tapes have a subtle, shimmering effect, which really adds a dimensional touch to the tapes.

Hopefully you’ve found some aesthetic washi tapes!

No matter what washi tape aesthetic you’re into, hopefully this guide has shown you some cute washi tapes, and have piqued your interest! For even more cute tapes, make sure to check out my other article on ultra cute washi tapes you won’t want to miss out on!

I bought most of these from the Busy Bee Planner Studio, and would highly recommend this Etsy shop! Everything comes beautifully packaged, and it arrived really quickly too, so make sure to check them out!

What are your favourites from here? Make sure to let me know down in the comment section below! Thanks so much for reading, and hopefully you’ve found some aesthetic washi tape! Make sure to follow Stationery Weekly on Instagram to stay up-to-date on our latest giveaways and reviews, or you can subscribe to our newsletter to hear about them first!

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